CE MicroIntensive Duo

The single-use mop for twice the area coverage and 99.99% bacteria reduction in cleanrooms

The CE MicroIntensive L/G Duo is a microfibre mop specifically designed and certified for use in Controlled Environments up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D. Compared to single-sided mops, the double-sided Cleanroom MicroIntensive Duo enables twice the surface coverage — for more effective contamination control in highly sensitive areas and cleanrooms. Its cleaning efficacy has been proven and validated by a 4 log reduction which corresponds to inactivating 99.99% of a target microbe with the microbe count being reduced by a factor of 10,000. 

Our Vileda Professional Cleanroom MicroIntensive Duo simplifies and speeds up the cleaning process in cleanrooms, while also reducing the cost-in-use and mitigating the risk of cross-contamination thanks to the single-use format of the mop. It is also a viable alternative for end users preferring not to launder software due to hazardous ingredients that are often too dangerous to handle. When saturated with IPA, the mop is an excellent residue remover on glass and stainless-steel.

Its clever four-layer material construction provides the CE MicroIntensive L/G Duo with a compact structure and extremely low particle shedding. It features polyester microfibre embossed cleaning sides with filament yarn, two highly absorbent middle layers and a backing which are made of 100% PES fabric. Available in both a laundered L-version as well as a gamma irradiated G-version for sterile environments, the CE MicroIntensive L Duo comes single-bagged and lot-coded, while the CE MicroIntensive G Duo is double-bagged and vacuum sealed with a chemical sticker, containing a lot code and expiration date.

Efficient, easy, ergonomic and economical to use: The CE MicroIntensive Duo

  • High-performance polyester microfibre material for single use
  • More surface coverage thanks to the double-sided design of the mop
  • Independently proven bacteria removal of 99.99% (4 log reduction)
  • Extremely low particle shedding for excellent cleaning results
  • High cleaning efficacy saves time, money and chemical usage
  • Exceptional residue remover on glass and stainless-steel surfaces
  • Available in a laundered (L) and gamma irradiated (G) version
  • Meets the CE requirements up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D

Superior cleanroom cleaning thanks to the CE MicroIntensive L/G Duo

As a part of the Vileda Professional Controlled Environment product range, the Cleanroom MicroIntensive Duo is one of our specifically designed cleanroom mops that meet respective GMP or ISO requirements as well as given demands in safety and ergonomics. Our cleanroom solutions are tested and certified by external institutes and recommended for use in Controlled Environments. 
The CE MicroIntensive L/G Duo combines the many benefits of our validated CE MicroIntensive L material with an effective CE Swep Duo double-sided disposable execution. Compatible with the Vileda Professional Cleanroom Mop System  hardware and cleaning system. It is ideal for pre-preparation cleaning methods, yet also operates with bucket methods. The CE MicroIntensive L/G Duo has a drain opening for easy flush-out of particles and a practical finger loop for touchless mop removal to meet hygienically safe cleaning requirements.
Vileda Professional provides complete contamination control solutions incl. planning, trial programs and training. Get in contact with us for further support!

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