MicroTuff Plus

The new MicroTuff Plus — the extra durable cleaning cloth from Vileda Professional

For Perfectionists

MicroTuff Plus is the warp knitted cleaning cloth from Vileda Professional’s MicroTuff cloth range for all perfectionists looking for a highest-performance sustainable cleaning cloth. It is designed to maintain all sites and surfaces in General Building, Healthcare and HoReCa areas clean and hygienic. MicroTuff Plus is crafted from highly absorbing microfibre with premium volume and comfortable grip that guarantees perfect cleaning coverage and maximum particle pick-up on all kinds of surfaces. MicroTuff Plus is awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel highlighting its safety for users as well as our planet.

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More information about the MicroTuff Plus 

The new MicroTuff Plus is crafted for all perfectionists looking for fine microfibre cloths with premium cleaning power to keep their facilities’ hygiene and cleanliness at the highest level. This cleaning cloth offers premium volume and soft grip for highest absorption of any spillages and maximum particle pick-up on all types of surfaces. MicroTuff Plus enables up to 99.99%* virus removal and can be washed up to 700 times. Therefore, it is a sustainable option for professional cleaning tasks. Its sustainability has been awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. MicroTuff Plus is ideal for fast and effective cleaning during everyday use.

All product benefits at a glance: 

  • Extra fine microfibre cleaning performance for superior efficiency and highest cleaning coverage
  • Awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Extraordinarily high absorbency of spillages and strong particle pick up, even of fatty dirt like greasy fingerprints
  • *Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces as tested at a 3rd party lab
  • Superior durability up to 700 washes with great colour stability, tested at internal lab at 60°C chemical thermal disinfection
  • Four different colours for easy colour coding

The new MicroTuff family

The newly designed MicroTuff cloth range: a superior combination of microfibre cleanliness and durability

Our newly designed MicroTuff microfibre cloth range comes in three different executions to fit the needs of all cleaning and maintenance teams. The new MicroTuff product family includes MicroTuff Base, MicroTuff Swift and MicroTuff Plus. All three cloths offer excellent durability whilst also providing highest-level cleaning results. Choose from a range of different durability levels: MicroTuff Base is crafted for up to 300 washing cycles, MicroTuff Swift for up to 500 and MicroTuff Plus for up to 700 wash cycles. Due to this outstanding durability, the MicroTuff cleaning cloth range is awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Vileda Professional MicroTuff cloths are developed to be ideal for the pre-prepared method and bucket and spray wiping. Each of these cloths comes in four different colours with great colour stability for easy colour coding that ensures hygiene in all environments and a long-lasting professional appearance.

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